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Hello everyone. Thank you for all your kind words. I'm back to hopefully help those of interest understand what had occurred. Apparently, my original introduction was pretty unclear. It read to a lot of folks as that this was a new journey for me and I was intent to transition. That ship has actually sailed. I transitioned some time ago and have been living as myself for some time now. Because of my lack of ability to be clear, members here approached me from a different perspective than what I as expecting. I found that my interactions with people here had a strange disconnect. It felt as though what I was saying was so misconstrued that I almost felt I was speaking a foreign language. I addressed the issue with my friend Elisabeth today and she noted that the fault was mine for being too vague and too obtuse in my original Introduction. Unfortunately, By the time I'd realized the truth in that I had already decided that I wasn't making any connections with anyone and it felt to me as though I really didn't belong here. Every missive felt like I simply wasn't connecting in any kind of meaningful way. Rather than create a huge fracas or create melodrama I opted to simply close my account and quietly slip away. Of course in doing that, I believe I put Elisabeth in compromised position and put her in the unenviable position of being made to make excuses for my obvious rude behavior. For that, I apologize to her. I should have at the very least told everyone I wasn't comfortable and I was closing my account. But I didn't. I petulantly closed my account and left. So to all of you good readers that had contact with me, I would now like to take the opportunity to apologize to you as well as it was quite indifferent to everyone's feelings.  I do hope we can begin again and for my part, I will try to be a little more succinct in my statement and explanation. In retrospect, this began with me and I am responsible for the outcomes that occurred because of my actions. i own that and it was inexcusable.
    So on that note, I'm back in the fold if you will all have me and once again, my sincerest and heart felt apologies for my miscommunication and lack of judgement upon my closing my account here. All my very best to all of you and hope to speak with all of you soon.  Jessica  (Jess)

Yayyy!!!! Welcome back, Jessica. 8)

Thank you Complete! I appreciate it.

٩( ᐛ )و٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Hello Z! That is darling :)


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