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Don’t you hate it when? Let’s rant about anything! (story/rant – long)

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--- Quote from: Antisthenes on May 31, 2020, 10:36:25 AM ---Brad? Really?  😉😘
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       Elisabeth enjoy reading your weekend adventure stories, especially the high romance part! As a former member of all those many MGTOW sites who also went thru a divorce from 'ell don't really know what else to say?
How much YOUNGER is he?

       Reason I ask is "C" who lives just 'round the corner from me, is only "27" and, always being "out", very chatty and friendly, had caused great debate between daughter and I.

She says "wow he's really cute wonder if he's single" to which I say "'ell with that wonder if he's gay"? "Daaad! Knock it off that's just too weird"!

      The backstory is "yes", he's "single never married" and "lives with a brother" . . but one that I've never seen? There ARE two cars in the driveway at night but could that be just a "cover", more to the story than suppose to appear?


--- Quote from: Antisthenes on May 31, 2020, 10:36:25 AM ---Brad? Really?  Is that the best alias you can come up with? You're slippin', girl😉😘

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I just said for the purposes of the story I would call him Brad. I didn't say other people didn't call him Brad too or that Brad wasn't really his name!!!

Now I guess everybody knows that it wasn't an alias, huh?  ;) ;D ;D

At least I didn't mention Jennifer as the mysterious other person!

Oh wait.  ::)

PS - "Brad" is 49.

Awesome dress.

My legs look like milk.

No more rant now, but surely one is coming


--- Quote ---So what would you like to rant about?
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Let me first address Elisabeth's ongoing (non)-romance(?).
I'm not really sure what to call it. An unrequited 💘 love?
Maybe a crush?  I really don't know. But here's my take. If he keeps slipping the hook, then maybe you don't want him.
Maybe he's trying to save you from his own issues he doesn't want to share. Maybe he has herpes or some other unpleasantness.
Why fight it? Men are like buses or taxis. If you miss one, there will always be another.
Now for my rant. I'm sick and tired of narcisstic overly entitled little shits trashing my city and using the tragic, unjustified, and just plain horrible death of a man who from what little is known about him, is just a hard working stiff, as an excuse to riot loot and burn.
I'm also pissed at those putrid commie socialist Bolshevik cowards who are so afraid of their far left base, they won't allow the cops to do what they do best which is to bust heads and take names.
Love and peace to you all.💞💖💖😈😒😒😒😒😒

And he's cute in that giant teddy bearish overgrown child kinda' way.... keep at it. Maybe he will awaken from slumber, quit going his  "own way" and realize just what he's missing.


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