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Trans Haven site Rules and Standards.
« on: December 16, 2019, 07:26:29 PM »
Trans Haven is a site open to everybody regardless of where they are on the gender spectrum and are interested in learning more about the transgender family. We welcome CIS, the LBGTQIA family, young and old. You might want to learn a little more, somebody you know might be transitioning or you may be transitioning. We are here to help you whatever your need is.

Operation of the site is under the control of the Administrator staff. Final rulings will be made by the Administrator staff, but input site members and the moderator staff will be taken into consideration as both are required to give the site purpose.

In order to make it easy for the moderator staff (they are volunteers), we ask that you follow the site rules which will reduce the work load and reduce the need to moderate your posts.

1. Links are permitted but the content should be consistent with the site rules. Fair usage requires quotes less than 200 words and a link to the original source.  The links should add to the discussion and the count shouldn't be excessive. Remember that the staff may verify your links so check them carefully before deciding to use them.

2. If you're unhappy with a decision made by the staff, please discuss the issue with staff by PM. You may contact one or more administrators with the issue, however any decision made by the administrator staff is final.

3. Please keep images and posts clean. Use the proper medical terms and avoid colorful language. Sometimes an off color word might be needed but it will be the decision of the staff as to if it will remain in the post.

4. Remember that the web is forever. Post only what you're comfortable with the world knowing. We require a valid email address, however you may use a secondary account if you're uncomfortable using your primary email address. While we are aware of your IP address, we use it internally for site functions. If you attempt to hide your IP address, we will not guarantee you can access the site. The Simple Machines software uses cookies for site information. You are free to remove them but it may cause the site to behave differently.

5. Because of the platform we use, PMs are not completely private. Simple machines doesn't give us access to PMs but it is possible to access them directly through the data base. That might happen with the agreement of the administrator staff or through a court order. It is also possible for a PM receiver to use the Report to Administrator button which will provide instant access to anything you send.

6. Should an argument occur in a thread, use the Report to Moderator button and stop posting. The staff is trained to deal with the issue and will deal with it as soon as they see the report. Avoid dealing with the issue yourself as it will only make things worse.

7. Because of legal liability, we can't permit the discussion of illegal drugs or self medication. You may discuss the aspects of HRT as long as you don't provide enough information for somebody to self medicate. For more information, see the stickies in the appropriate HRT section.

8. Be nice. You're unique and the only person with your goals and your view point. Accept that others are different and have their own viewpoint. This applies to members of the LGBTQIA community, CIS and even our enemies. Remember that Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King showed us that it is possible to win our battle with peaceful methods.

9. Don't cross post: Placing the same post in two different parts of the site. If you decide there is a better place for your post, have a moderator move it by reporting your post. If your post isn't were it was before, it's possible a moderator moved it to a better location. You should be able to find it by reviewing your posting history in your profile.

10. Post padding to run up your post count in order to gain privileges is not permitted. Doing so may result in features being disabled until sufficient quality posts are made.

11. Commercial messages, spam, fundraising or personal sales are prohibited on this site. You may offer to give something you no longer need to another.

12. This is not a dating site so don't post requests for a relationship. Romance may occur between members over time and that is permitted.

13. Sexual issues should be discussed in the sexual forum. It will become visible to you after you reach 15 posts, however posts made before that limit is reached will be moved and become visible when you reach 15 posts. Surgical images may be posted in the area reserved for it. Access will require special group membership.

14. By posting on this site, you give us a non exclusive right to display your posts. You retain ownership of the original material, however removal of material from the site will be at the discretion of the staff.
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