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« on: December 26, 2019, 05:11:01 AM »
@Dena I don't see a "Shopping" forum? Maybe under "Coming Out of the Closet" or "Crossdressing"? I prefer "gender-dressing" but that's just ole' binary me.

      One technical "q": We know about "New/Unread Post" search but do MODS also have a button that shows "posts edited/updated" in last x hours"? You mentioned the reason why posts don't remain "modify/delete-able" is because of people coming in behind moderation and changing/reposting stuff but isn't there a means to check for that as well?

      That other site, she who shall forever be "unmentionable", for the longest time was always "modify/delete-able" until more recently . . . my post count there is more than DOUBLE what it actually shows because at some point I scraped all and copied to my site only. Did that with some other former members too (ie: our favored "Kate" who also deleted all her posts as well)

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Re: Shopping?
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2019, 08:31:14 AM »
I decided to crawl out of the sweat shop for a bit and look around. I am not sure about putting a shopping forum in because under transitioning male to female there is a section called fashion. That can include not only what you wear but where you get it. The issues faced by somebody early in the transition are much like those of a cross dresser.

Currently there is no record of post modifications other than the mark left in the post. It is different for a staff member as when we touch a post that doesn't belong to us, it leave a record in the moderator log. It's possible that somebody wrote a site modification that would provide that information however I haven't looked for one as there are other more important issues to deal with now.

I have changed some setting to levels other than the ones I am used to as I found them restrictive and I could see no reason for that setting here. There probably are other setting I haven't touched that could use tweaking but I haven't found or gotten to that yet. I don't want this site to become locked in stone and as long as I am around, I will be thinking about places where improvements can be made. An example is the board layout. Currently it's pretty clean but I suspect it still can be improved. Some areas could use sub categories but I don't have a clue what to add.

Simple machines seems to be a very good package to set up a BBS with however out of the box, it needs a lot of work. It can be highly customized and when it is, the site can meet most anybodies needs. I am not done with this process and the work continues so if you have ideas, I am open to looking at them.
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