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Adding the link for Tim Scotts rebuttal to Biden's speech.
Staff Political Blog / 2021 May 1,The Black Book of Communism
« Last post by Dena on May 01, 2021, 01:17:17 PM »
I have been giving you links to videos and articles but I have found a book. This book is out of print but it has been made available on the internet for viewing and downloading. One important thing to understand about Marxism is that they view progress as Capitalism, the overthrow of Capitalism, Socialism as a training ground for Communism. To make this transition, all traces of God must be removed from society and replace with the state as the provider of your needs. For this you give up all freedom and self determination. How has this turned out? From the book a count of deaths.

U.S.S.R.: 20 million deaths
China: 65 million deaths
Vietnam:1 million deaths
North Korea: 2 million deaths
Cambodia: 2 million deaths
Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths
Latin America: 150,000 deaths
Africa: 1.7 million deaths
Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths
The international Communist movement and Communist parties not in
power: about 10,000 deaths

Note that the Nazi party is only blamed for between 6 and 7 million people depending on the numbers you look at. Possibly the Nazi party should have been added to the list because it was called National Socialist German Workers' Party and had some element of Socialism, it never went all the way to becoming Communist so it was omitted from the list.

The deaths were the result of several factors. Sometimes it was purges of those who disagree with the government. Other times it was because of the government seizing the means of production resulting in starvation of the population. Russia was noted for collecting all the food in the country side with force to feed the cities. Farmers sometimes managed to hide a small amount of food away from the government but most of the time it was barely enough to stay alive.

A few countries have escaped before they were totally destroyed. England was one that returned to sanity when Margret Thatcher came to power and reversed the trend. Others like Denmark aren't really socialist but instead are Capitalist with the government providing many benefits. Remember that the people and not the companies pay for these benefits so the tax rate is much higher than you would pay in the U.S.. Also, while the government may provide a service you need, you might decide to use something in the privates sector instead. The differences between the two paths are explained in this video.

I have been reading other books on Marxism and haven't had time to read this one but skimming it shows that it contains a good deal of useful information about the dangers of a Marxist government. Once Marxism passes a certain point it becomes nearly impossible to avoid a collapse of the country. Yes, Russia and China seem to have recovered by allowing a capitalistic element with government guidance to exist but both countries still lack persona freedom and may never regain that.

The Black Book of Communism
Using ESG scores to take control of the board room has advanced to the next step. The Biden administration is in the process of negating the right of a stock holder to vote in a company election. Remember them saying that you will no longer have a say in the operation of the companies but instead would control the company through your elected official? We could be there very shortly and with the goal of the left to eliminate the Republican party, you will be along for the ride.
Hormone Replacement Therapy Male to Female / HRT
« Last post by Kiera on May 01, 2021, 02:02:58 AM »
I might as well have been injecting saline with how much difference it made for me . .

         Do you have your estrone levels checked on a regular basis? He starts talking 'bout the "estrone/estradiol ratio" here 'round 32:00. By SA tabs I mean "self-admin", that "28 'round yellow 2mg blue dial pack", with no script or therapist as never felt the need as long as not transiting "socially" but that is changing now, am weary of "no-progress/limbo"? lol Need a bigger closet "shopping" has gotten outta control with "ex", who still lives with me, bringing home things now!  Got sex? HELL NO! Everyone "already knows/is ok" 'cept young son who I hear is "upset" doesn't really like talking 'bout it . .

        Something is not right there your EV dose was HUGE compared to my initial 20ml every 5 days! I was exhausted/tired for 2 weeks but attribute it to the switch and feeling better now. Need to get a bone density test, will email his PA soon as to "where" so she can order it, and then "labs" which, as of now, is still up in the air using Quest Diagnostics (ten miles from house).

Everyone in his office is super friendly and helpful (all via "email") and local pharmacy has been great considering the "conservative area" I reside in!

       Told Dayna (his "PA") may definitely opt for "subcutaneous implant" next year after good baseline established which, of course, requires flying to MI "in person". Don't think "Humana" would cover something "not in formulary" but wouldn't my cost still be applied toward drug deductible?


(ps: when on "tabs" no one believed when breasts starting hurting, reminding me after skipping 'a dose or two'. Was my body scraping "estrone" off the receptors and converting it to the good "E"? After years on "Casodex" - no more! - 'ave no-idea where my "T" is at either!)

This is a Glenn special where he explains the path the government is taking with spending. Say you have an economy where you have $100 worth of goods and $100 of money to purchase the goods. Then a helicopter drops $100 on the community. In short order, it would cost $200 to buy what once cost $100. This happened as the result of LBJ starting the great society and dealing with the Vietnam war. You could once buy a Ford Maverick for $2,000 or a VW bug for just under $2,000. The government ran the printing presses overtime and the result was a triple inflation. What once cost $2,000 now cost $6,000. This cause great hardship for those on a fix income and the money you worked so hard to save was now only worth 1/3 what it was before. Inflation is a hidden tax on the people and the only ones to escape harm are the ones who invested in something that inflated with the currency. It could be land or the stock market but those with money in the bank which was pretty common at that time lost out.

What ended that cycle was during the Regain administration, the FED bumped the prime rate to 20% and that sucked the excessive money out of the economy and back into the FED banking system. I purchase my condo just at the end of that cycle and was lucky to get an interest rate of 8 3/8% variable. Don't even talk about fixed rates. Even a year before that, the rates were so much higher that the housing market was dead.

My interest in the economy dates back to when I was in HighSchool (about 1969) when I did a report on the National Debit. I figured that if everybody for a year handed their income over to the government to pay off the Debit, we could zero it out. Unfortunately it hasn't gotten any better.

Glenn shows a screen shot from Shadow Stats comparing the government reported inflation and the real inflation rate. I found this web site over 10 years ago and it's disgusting how much the government is cooking the books to make themselves look good. You have had a far higher tax burden for years and most likely haven't been aware if it.

Dollar Decimation: How Biden’s Spending Spree Will End Our Currency
You seem to be overlooking what happened during the Johnson, Carter and Nixon years where the economy collapsed. Then there is the division of the population that existed before the civil rights movement. Indoctrination of children against their parents. Riots against the population and law enforcement destroyed so they are unable to act. Biden becoming a dictator by ignoring the other branches of government. The office of the president was never intended to have that much power. The Democrats attempt to end the existence of the Republican party. Most important, the idea that you are unable to care for yourself without the government telling you what you can and can't do.

Our country was founded on the rights of the individual and the government was only intended to do what we couldn't do as an individual. Instead we are being turned into slaves who only exist to serve the government. Those of us who understand the whole picture understand this is the same approach to establish Marxism in the over 20 countries who attempted it. If the U.S. falls to Marxism, it will cause the destruction of the world. The world has always had a world police officer and if the U.S. falls, that task would be taken up by China or Russia. I would prefer not to fall under the rule of either country.

More posts to follow.
Staff Political Blog / Re: Where is The Government of The US Headed ?
« Last post by karen_A on April 30, 2021, 03:24:16 PM »
After 14 years of "SA tabs" my breasts are KILLING ME again after just 4 weeks on his IM "E" instead?

As always with HRT, YMMV... For a good number of years I was on 1 mL/week 40mg/mL EV...

I might as well have been injecting saline with how much difference it made for me with respect to breast development or over all fat redistribution.

What are SA tabs? These days I am doing micronized estradiol tablets sublingually.

This has served the nation well for around 250 years but in left leaning cities, we are seeing a collapse of society.

I don't know how your are defining collapse..... Not what I see where i am... Overall the whole area is doing quite well as far as I can see, and it is definitely left leaning.

Glenn has a pod cast with Victor Davis Hanson. If you heard the name, most likely you have been viewing the National Review. In this podcast, Glenn and Victor discuss American history. When the country was founded, it wasn't a matter of throwing everything at a wall and see what sticks. Instead, they considered history along with the current writings of many looking for the best ideas and ideas that withstood the test of time. The discussion wasn't just a few people but included many of the best educated minds of the time. The people weren't expected to just accept these ideas but were informed of these discussions through the newspaper and needed to be in agreement before the Constitution was accepted.

This has served the nation well for around 250 years but in left leaning cities, we are seeing a collapse of society. This is because of the woke culture that is neither the result of intellectual discussion or agreement within the population. If the population accepts woke ideas, it's because of the threat of violence. This discussion looks back on the values we once had and what we need to return to if we are to end the chaos we are now facing.

Our Last Chance to Save America?
Staff Political Blog / Re: Where is The Government of The US Headed ?
« Last post by Kiera on April 30, 2021, 03:37:28 AM »
Dena Christine AT IT AGAIN despite swearing OFF useless "unity discussion" . . .

Before it gets DELETED! here ->
 (copy/paste otherwise saved elsewhere!)

Alternate signage?: "A true transgender doesn't need overreaching central gov't legislation to be "accepted" everywhere?"

(ps:  After 14 years of "SA tabs" my breasts are KILLING ME again after just 4 weeks on his IM "E" instead? And am on a "baseline low dose" with 2 more refills, before "testing", to go! And "Maddie", if reading this, his $300 annual admin fee covers local processing (no actual office visits) and, with my insurance allowing me to list him as "Primary Care Physician", my 20 minute "televisit" with his "PA" cost NOTHING, there was no co-pay at all!

My first "script vial" cost $104 because my insurance has a $400 "tier 4" deductable before helping, "kicking in", and Dayna actually offered, from the same very start, to do an "E implant" for a low flat fee as well?)
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