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Title: 2021 June 11, Biden's Hostile Takeover: The Great Reset of America
Post by: Dena on June 11, 2021, 10:51:52 PM
We have seen Biden's first 100 days and then some. Is the country better or worst that it was under Trump? In this Glenn Beck Special, Glenn reviews the actions that Biden has taken and the results of those actions. This is something that I doubt you will ever see on the main stream media because it's a rapid fire review of everything that has been happening over the last few months. Much of this is something that the media doesn't want to talk about because it's not complementary of their candidate.

As a bonus Glenn has a short interview with Congressman Dan Crenshaw. Dan lost his eye to an IDE. His other eye recently had a separating retina which was corrected by inserting a balloon in the eye for a month so the retina would heal in place. He is knowledgable and has a self-deprecation sense of humor. I would love to see him run for president some time in the future as he knows what it's like to serve your country.

Biden's Hostile Takeover: The Great Reset of America (
Title: Re: 2021 June 11, Biden's Hostile Takeover: The Great Reset of America
Post by: Kiera on July 15, 2021, 06:47:57 AM
The latest information coming out of the Fulton County, Georgia 2020 election audit has provided undeniable proof of foul play. (

I had to switch browsers because Chrome would NOT let me load the InfoWars site at all! Alex is also talking 'bout all the detentions camps that are being built as well.

Multiple cases of FAKE, duplicate ballots
and "big tech" is in on it!

What will be done about it? Absolutely NOTHING!


Title: Re: 2021 June 11, Biden's Hostile Takeover: The Great Reset of America
Post by: Kiera on July 18, 2021, 02:24:18 AM
           Am soooo PO'd . . just witnessed another i liked, on another forum, get BANNED for opinions I, more or less, agreed with in the short course of three days!

All over the term "autogynephilia ("?

. . other words have been far fouler for far longer and yet have been redeemed. It may be I will convince no one today or this year. But maybe in ten years, or twenty, people will come around . . Of course, maybe I will not have a chance to persuade; it may be that I will be shunned if I try.

       Screw you "Lindsay" for complaining so much no Biden "socialist leftist" wants to be called a Blandchardian androphilic any more than a Nazi-Fascist but, if the shoe fits, then one must WEAR IT! You complain of "Trumpians" wanting to invade, possibly trash the Capital Building down in "protest" on Jan 6th but you folks want to tear this entire Country down instead? "Rubber and Glue. Learn long ago whatever you accuse US of YOU are indeed GUILTY of yourself!

And, for all ye distraught, "anti-trans parents" out there it appears that the "overmedicalization" of our youth STARTED WITH YOU?
Title: Re: 2021 June 11, Biden's Hostile Takeover: The Great Reset of America
Post by: Kiera on July 21, 2021, 09:18:11 AM
Also, CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER: Karen Fann Has Authority, With Arizona House, To Decertify Fraudulent Election (
"We don't have to live with a fraudulent election."

Apparently we do ('ave to "live with it") >:(
Title: Re: 2021 June 11, Biden's Hostile Takeover: The Great Reset of America
Post by: Dena on July 21, 2021, 07:38:58 PM
I am not really sure that fraud took place in Arizona. We have vote by mail and close to 80% of the population uses it but we also have verification which should prevent most of the fraud. If we had fraud, I don't suspect Maricopa county as that county is pretty well watched. It would be more likely the fraud occurred in Pima or Pinal county as along with Maricopa county, they took a long time to count the votes. Counting past election day is risky at best because once you know the vote you know how many additional votes would be required to shift the vote. To show you the nature of the problem I found this from the Atlantic ( which pretty well sums it up. I voted by mail but I voted early enough that my vote was counted two weeks before the election. Maybe others should consider this in the future.

On the other hand, it's entirely possible that the fraud occurred with the blessing of the Republicans. The Democrats had a huge war chest going into the election and they spent a sizable amount of it on lawyers who went about changing the election laws. Some how or another they managed to talk the Republican into something that wasn't in their best interest. I wrote an article for the local paper and while they were interested in it, it wasn't published. Had they published it, maybe this mess wouldn't be going on today. Watch me labor to explain the problem in 1500 characters. Note that the link wasn't part of the article but I provided it so you you don't have to go looking for the source. You will have to create a free account if you want to view the source article. As I subscribe to the paper, I have paid access.

Arizona isn't Blue
The election results suggest that Arizona has turned blue and at first glance, that appears to be correct. Drilling in to the numbers tells a far different story. Currently Biden has 49.4% of the vote and Trump has 49.1% of the vote. Overlooked is Jo Jorgensen(Libertarian) who received 1.5% of the vote. If only part of the Libertarian vote had gone to Trump, it would have been enough to put Trump over the top.
More important is what's missing from this discussion. On December 2,2019 the Republic published an article (Green Party no longer recognized as a political party in Arizona) explaining how the Green party was removed from the ballot through a combination of low voter turnout, higher signature requirements and an earlier deadline for filing signatures. Had the green party been on the ballot, based on 2018 results, they could have claimed as much as 2% of the Democrat's votes.
Any Democrat elected to office in Arizona should be aware of the state's conservative values because while the vote was blue, Arizona's heart is red.