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Title: 2021 February 27, Correcting Myths of History: What You Aren't Taught in School
Post by: Dena on February 27, 2021, 07:46:31 PM
Time for a little different type of post and one that perhaps will leave you in awe. Glen Beck and Dave Rubin have a discussion in the Blaze studio with Glen bringing along a few items. Glen is a collector of historical items, not so much just to have them but to understand the history behind them. He is in the process of building a museum so all will benefit from viewing the items and the story behind them.

He has acquired items from private collections because the collectors didn't want them to be controlled by the federal government. They fear that a hostile government might hide or destroy the objects so they could rewrite history to control the population. The items in this collection are somewhat unbelievable in that they still exist and are in excellent condition.

You will find the video located here ( and it runs about 50 minutes. Mentioned in the video is the original draft of the Declaration of Independence. You only get a quick look at part of it but a transcribed copy (’s-“original-rough-draught”-declaration-independence) exist so you can view the text. Though this is typed, upper case and other markings were preserved. The margin notes are removed but the change information was retained in the form of foot notes.

I hope you enjoy an interesting view of history that you may have never learned about.