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Title: Policy on posting surgical images
Post by: Dena on February 22, 2020, 07:55:51 PM
Our desire is to maintain an inviting site for all members. As such, we don't permit certain surgical images or links to be posted in public view. We do understand the need to see these images so we have created special areas on the site that you can join to post and view them.

All bottom surgical images and breast images should be placed in the appropriate area. Post-surgical FTM top surgery images may be placed in public areas but may also be placed in the surgical image area as follow up images. You may also post links in the public area to your thread in the private area so that others are aware of the additional information.

To join the group, go to Profile>Modify Profile>Group Membership (;area=groupmembership) and select membership to the appropriate group. You will gain access after a staff member approves your membership request. After you are approved the surgical image areas will appear in the Transitioning Male to Female (,83.0.html) or Transitioning Female to Male (,84.0.html) area. You may cancel your membership in the group at any time without permission.