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Title: Over and over
Post by: Maverick on August 02, 2020, 10:28:54 AM
It feels like I’m coming out of the closet over and over. Maybe it will be done when I have had my operations.

I put a picture of me, the pride colors and the trans flag on facebook. Noone’s asked me about the flag yet. But 50 people have liked the picture.

It was coming out in secret. Or with a clue.

My husband did not like the picture. He wants to keep me ”a woman ”. *sigh* this shit is going just one way. And that is crashing. Hard. 
Title: Re: Over and over
Post by: Dena on August 02, 2020, 08:39:33 PM
In the past, coming out was something pretty uncommon. In the last 4 years or so, it seems like it's all over the news and everybody knows somebody who came out or is transitioning. Another issue is people are polite and if they aren't sure if somebody wants to talk about a subject, they remain slient. If you want the conversation, you will probably have to tell a little story and invite questions/conversations.

It would be nice if I could give you some encouraging words about your husband, but some relationships just don't work out. MTF relationships normally run about 50/50 and while I haven't seen that much about FTM relationships, I suspect the outcomes might not be as good. With testosterone, a fair portion of attraction is eye candy and to a lesser degree, emotional attachment. What your husbands balance is, will be something both of you will need to determine. It will probably take a strong emotional attachment if you are to remain together.

There probably  isn't much advice I can give you on how to handle the problem but if I can help you, let me know.
Title: Re: Over and over
Post by: Maverick on August 06, 2020, 02:44:15 AM
Thank you Dena.