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Title: Other Trans Sites
Post by: Christine on September 22, 2020, 02:30:58 PM
Hi Folks,                 22 September 2020

Noticed Susan hasn't been having good results with her donation drives these past two months. I'm sorry she is having a difficult time financially.

Now will check on another site.

Title: Re: Other Trans Sites
Post by: Kiera on September 23, 2020, 03:00:35 PM
I'm sorry she is having a difficult time financially.

Aren't we all? Mine is a barely-paying tenant in the form of an "ex-wife". Daughter and 2 grandkids (of 4) are currently now living at home as well!  8)

I don't "get it". Opened my website server in 2006 and for many years monthly cost was $10 only jumping to $20 just recently due faster access/more server file space? Have never exceeded "bandwidth" even when more "active".

      Site has been down for weeks now due dbase "corruption"? Suspect "hacked". Have a VB 3.8.12 "test forum" as temp backup and considering another clean install 3.8.2 for php debugging purposes. Currently running version 7.something and 5.4.45.

      Spend most of my time on "" have developed quite a "following" despite having never "published" but the "comment area" is quite active too.

lol The "Election War" is heating up.
(Met "Brad" from Arizona ( who makes the most sense yet
and also met a girl who says "Erections Ruin Sex ("?)
Title: Re: and Katie
Post by: Christine on September 23, 2020, 03:46:48 PM
Hi Jared Ray Christensen,                   23 September 2020

Did visit your site even though you think you can keep me from visiting it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news Katie, It Doesn't Work.

Well Jared Ray Christensen (aka Katie), Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402, DOB 10/12/1981, Registered Republican, 6 children, what do you think? This is just a tidbit; more to come.

Let's see what's new on your site; the following stats are from today 23 Sep 20:

Tin Cup (begging) Drive        Goal $425.00          Earned $585.57

Members on line     5          Guests  7      Total visitors 12

Threads   1,270
Messages  20,753
Members  254

Latest member:  Bliar (yesterday), LoveTG (today)

Katie's post yesterday in: When life sucks, press on

"Same struggles as always: a wife that doesn't support my need...."

Was I on? Where do you think I extracted the stats and the partial quote? It all came from your site and one of your posts from Tuesday 22 Sep 20.

We had an agreement, you have not lived up to it, so I have no need to live up to my side, you abrogated it. Believe me, you did not disappoint, you are a user and I know your type (NPD). Look it up folks: Narcissistic Personality Disorder; fits Katie to a "T"

You still need to publicly admit you LIED about Dena, Slandered her and violated copyright law. You are still violating copyright law, you cannot put a new jacket on a book and claim the work inside as your own.

I hope you read this or someone that knows you does and informs you about it.

Title: TransRefuge aka Katie & Linde's Shit Show
Post by: Christine on September 23, 2020, 06:16:01 PM
I don't "get it". Opened my website server in 2006 and for many years monthly cost was $10 only jumping to $20 just recently due faster access/more server file space? Have never exceeded "bandwidth" even when more "active".

      Spend most of my time on "" have developed quite a "following" despite having never "published" but the "comment area" is quite active too.

Hi @Kiera,                            23 September 2020

Jared Ray Christensen (AKA Katie) has Linde as one of her few friends. Linde is the one that connected Jared with Sprinkles, Jingle Balls or whatever her name is; oh, think it's Sparkles. She was supposed to be an expert on web design. My opinion is she doesn't know her ass from the pie hole in her head. All she did was screw things up while Dena was building the site. Sparkles and Katie both are nitwits and both would make changes that messed the site up. Katie's technical ability is zilch.

You have her legal name, google search it. All kinds of crap out there. She claims she has a big bucks salary, Deep Pockets and knows how to use them. She's over her head in that site and has resorted to Begging. A person making big bucks and deep pockets wouldn't have their wife and six kids living in a $300.00 per month hovel.

She has to beg for money because the software she misappropriated from Dena and had ported to another platform ( XenForo® ) costs big bucks each month. The reason she ported Dena's software is because she is ignorant of Copyright Law, as she is with most things in life. She mistakenly thinks she now owns the copyright and Dena can't sue her; wrong again Katie.

By the way, she claims to be a sales person; she's an order taker and delivery person.

I'm on her site multiple times a day, when in the mood; she hasn't a frigging clue I'm there. She claims 254 members. Better than half are phony. Don't ask me how I know.

She got herself in a quandary when she banned Dena. Her whole staff are nut jobs, starting with herself, Linde, OOZgirl, Jessica & Lexxi; none of them know how to moderate, they moderate using their opinions of the moment. Jessica moderated a post of mine claiming it was inappropriate (China Virus); checking some of her posts I found her using the same term. As Katie herself said: "Jessica is a Bigot." That's an understatement if ever there was one.

Katie and her "staff" are good at blowing smoke up folks asses, but don't ask them a serious or important question. Linde is so good she contradicts herself in a post and hasn't a clue.

Susan's Place

If you notice, Susan has subscriptions. She does not publically account for that money. It's a closely guarded secret, known only to Susan and Shadow, her pooch, whom I really like and feel sorry for. My guess, it amounts to about $2,000.00 per month. She spends most of her days "Twittering" away. She really needs to acquire a real job so she can ditch the "Panhandling;" some folks have no shame.

Take care amiga

Best Always, Love


Edited for clarity and additional data. 25 Sep 2020
Title: Re: Other Trans Sites
Post by: Christine on September 27, 2020, 12:05:01 AM
Hi Katie,                27 September 2020

Just a short note to show you I visit your site occasionally. Here's the latest stats:

Threads:      1274
Msgs:           20879
Members:     255
Latest Mem:  Marie 

Katie's Posts:  2028
Lindie's Posts: 3390

Begging Goal: $425.00
Results:          $585.57

Question for you Katie: Do you know anyone who claims they have never consumed alcohol or abused drugs, yet has numerous DUI's? I thought one had to drink or use drugs to get them. What do I know? Actually ......

Take care,

Title: Re: Susan Reading Member PM's
Post by: Christine on October 02, 2020, 10:06:34 PM
Hi Folks,                02 October 2020

Well, Susan is at it again, reading member's PM's. This seems to be a habit of hers. A new member popped up on another tran site. Here's a quote from Susan:

Susan Quote:

"Someone noticed that a new member on this site [SP] had popped quickly up on a competing site so I did a search of the database looking for references to [to] the domain in question and her account came up.  I saw several messages like:"

Quote Randim PM:

"Try [domain filtered].o_rg. Just delete the _ characters. This should make it past the filters."

Susan Quote:

"We do not as a general practice search members messages, but after this instance raised suspicion of unsolicited advertising, we did a general search looking for messages mentioning the site in question.

Her account popped up and when I reviewed the synopsis the system generated of her recently sent private messages it was clear that she was the one responsible. I did even have to read the full contents of any of the messages.

Please note this search falls under administrative purposes provision of the Privacy Notifications in the TOS."

And Blah Blah Blah. Same old Susan crap, just more of it.

END Susan Quotes/Crap

The above, other than the last sentence, are direct quotes from a post made by Susan.

She tries to make it sound like it's a lot of work to read member's PM's. Not so. She has a "Simple Machine's" Mod installed in her system that allows her to log on as any member without using the member's password (nifty, don't you think?). We were well aware of this mod and purposely did NOT install it in our system. Now, I am going to tell you a way to minimize Susan, or any other staff member from reading your PMs.

If you think of sending a PM that might be cause for being banned, make sure you don't send it/them to people you do not know well. I know one person there on Susan's, a long time member with lots of posts, whose initials are "CR" who will squeal on you in a New York minute. If you do send a PM, as soon as it is sent, delete it from your <SENT> file. This is no guarantee you won't be discovered or outed. As is said, "Shit Happens."

We guarantee you we do not read member PM's; to us, PM on our system software is exactly what PM is supposed to mean/represent: Private Message. When we were on Susan's, we had ours read, which lead to us being banned. We were also banned from Katie and Linde's site. We have documented the reason in a different thread: "Dena's and Christine's side of the story" in the "Announcements" board.

Remember, if you send a PM to anyone, you have a copy and so do they. You can delete yours but not the one you sent.

Sorry for those who suffer from "Paranoia" and have to resort to reading other's mail/messages.

Take Care.

Best Always, Love

Title: Re: Other Trans Sites
Post by: Christine on October 03, 2020, 07:06:38 PM
Hello Jared Ray Christensen (aka Katie of the "Katie and Linde Shit Show"),   03 September 2020

Quote from one of your latest posts on

Katie Quote: "I have been having some urinary issues for about six months, where I either can't urinate when I feel the need or after going I then feel soon after like I need to go again. This seems like typical prostate stuff, though I am a little young for it. Having my testosterone in the undetectable range for over a year and also being on finasteride, I am curious why I would be having these troubles. Without male hormones, I am not sure why this would be happening."

I'll give it to you straight Ms. Know-It-All. First off, waiting over six months to see a urologist when you think you have a urinary tract problem indicates you're not as bright as you make yourself out to be. You could have one or a combination of problems. Most serious is Prostate and or Bladder Cancer, Urinary tract infection, Kidney problems. Just because you are 8 days shy of being 39 is not a guarantee you don't have prostate problems.

Quote from Wikipedia: "African-American men have the highest incidence rates and more aggressive type of prostate cancer compared to White men."

Look it up if you think I'm blowing smoke up your silly ass. I'm trying to help you even though I have many valid reasons to loathe you for what You did and continue to do to Dena.

I have seen too many friends die from it and it's not something I'd wish on anyone. Early detection and early treatment are the only hope one has. One of your many problems is you think you know it all. Let me be the bearer of bad tidings: You don't know jack shit.

Katie Quote: "I have a urology appointment at the University of Iowa Hospital on October 7. The urologist I will be meeting with happens to be the same urologist who is one of two urologists trained to [to] perform GCS vaginoplasty at the UofI Hopsital. During my visit I plan to also ask her about orchiectomy and GCS. I know that one of our members has a friend who recently had GCS there, but I don't know much about which technique they were trained in.

I also plan for this appointment to be my first time at the hospital presenting as female. I am excited for this, as I know that since they provide trans health care, they won't treat me rudely."

For your sake, I hope this turns out to be nothing but a rather severe UTI. I had them when I was a male. Being as how I know you ride a bike (bicycle) for exercise, you could be suffering from a bruised Prostate. Bike seats for men are not the most comfortable or forgiving seats one can sit on. One of the things I found that alleviated this problem was panty liners in the panties I wear when riding my road bike. You will need to try several thicknesses to find what works for you.

I had to stop riding my bike when I went on Xarelto for the DVT I developed 23 November 2018. If I fell, and I have done that, I could cut an artery and bleed out before anyone could get to me. And, chances are, they wouldn't have the antidote as it costs $50K (that's $50,000.00) for the treatment.

I no longer ride my bike, climb trees or ladders, fly planes, ride motor cycles, ride horses, snow/water ski or street fight; there are probably others I missed. I prefer breathing so I gave up the unimportant excitement in my life as I have done more in my 80 years than most folks will ever do in their lifetimes. No point in pushing my luck and most importantly, I have Dena in my life and I don't want anything to disrupt our relationship; She IS the Love of my Life and my Guardian Angel.

Take care Jared; I hope some day you realize the fallacy of your ways; using people will only get you so far; ultimately it will come crashing down.

Best Always, Love

Title: Re: Other Trans Sites
Post by: linacaplo on October 08, 2020, 12:56:05 PM
Just interesting. Thanks for sharing. I also want to know more about dating sites for trans...any recommendations, please.
Title: Re: Other Trans Sites
Post by: Christine on October 10, 2020, 06:47:51 PM
Just interesting. Thanks for sharing. I also want to know more about dating sites for trans...any recommendations, please.

Hi Linacapolo,                     10 October 2020

Thanks for posting. Since I have the Love of my Life, I'm not a part of the dating scene. What I will do is see what I can find; it would help if you provided an introduction so we have a better idea what your interests are.

Tell us about yourself either in this thread or in the introduction area, which I see you have already found. Give us a rundown on you so we can get to know you better.

Best Always, Love

Title: Re: Other Trans Sites
Post by: linacaplo on October 11, 2020, 07:24:20 AM
Just interesting. Thanks for sharing. I also want to know more about dating sites for trans...any recommendations, please. Found only this review (
Seems interesting.