Author Topic: 2021 February 28,HR1 for the people act  (Read 215 times)

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2021 February 28,HR1 for the people act
« on: February 28, 2021, 11:35:48 PM »
The Patriot Act, Department of homeland security, why is it every time the government comes up with something nasty they always give it a name that says the opposite of what it really is? I have known about HR1 for a few weeks now but the bill is complex so I wanted a good link that contained a detail description of the bill.

In short the bill is a way that the Democrats can legalize the the illegal actions they used in the 2020 election. This is nothing new as the first attempt to damage the Constitution dates to 1913 and the seventeenth amendment. It was far too difficult for the progressives to control the selection of senators because they had to deal with the state governments. It was much simpler to deal with the people in an election so the seventeenth amendment was pushed through as a way to prevent local lobbyist from controlling the selection of senators and the senators decisions. The truth is instead of lobbyist in 47 states, they only needed a few in Washington to change policy. If I was permitted to remove one amendment to the constitution, this would be the one I would pick.

In case you don't have your copy of the Constitution handy, before the seventeenth amendment, senators were selected by the state government to give the elected officials of the state a voice in the government. After the Seventeenth amendment, the voters elected senators. The idea of a Republic (our form of government) is to have different voices in the decision process. By voting for both the house and senate, far to much power is given to the people damaging the Republic form of government. The remaining voices are the voters, the electoral college and the judge selection process. All three are currently under attack in the house and senate. This could be the end of government as we know it.

To understand HR1 better view the link and you may find you need to view it again to pick up all the details. At over 700 pages, months of work went into this bill putting every cheat the Democrats could think of in so the Democrats would never be out of office again. It's probably a reason they have all the security in place in Washington. They fear that should something like this pass, the people would take up arms to regain control of the government. I don't know if the people would do that, but I hope to never learn the answer to that.
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Re: 2021 February 28,HR1 for the people act
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2021, 04:32:32 AM »
It's probably a reason they have all the security in place in Washington. They fear that should something like this pass, the people would take up arms to regain control of the government.

     If passed NOBODY will vote, all will BOYCOTT the elections instead and, ultimately, the taking up of ARMS will be inevitable! I stopped following political news Dena, ever since "Joe's" inauguration, nobody calls him "The President" and the democratic party, along with all those who voted for it, will wind up hanging themselves. (and THAT especially includes "Lgbtq"). We've gone from arguably the best pro-active President in US history . . to the absolute WORST, "Jezebel" puppet in name only!

NOBODY takes this seriously, the
BACKLASH has already started and
all we're really doing now . .
Is handing them the rope!

Quote from: From: Ron Paul
Date sent   03/01/2021 02:03:55 pm
Subject:   Stop legalized election theft

Congress is going to try to ram through H.R. 1 this week in a bold attempt to nationalize elections and all but guarantee a fraudulent system for years to come.