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2021 May 28, Who knows the facts
« on: May 28, 2021, 05:27:12 PM »
Decisions can be made with three standards, on emotions, on invalid facts or with valid facts. Sometimes decisions may use more than one of these standards such as emotionally you may want to do something but common sense (facts) moderates your actions. You might want to go to an amusement park however you know that some rides upset your stomach so you limit yourself to the rides your stomach will tolerate.

In my life, I live for information. Whenever possible I learn new information and I prefer it even over watching most TV or movies. When I lack a source of information such as in a doctors office, I tend to have something in my mind I can work on. My current play thing is Collatz conjecture and I think I have an approach that hasn't been considered by anybody else. There is a problem with knowing a lot and that is you realize how much you still don't know. When it comes to why people vote Democrat, I think I know but I realize there could be something I missed so I could be in error.

This is why I find these links interesting. I suspect the problem is that the left either may not be aware of the issues or they understand the issues differently. In this survey they attempt to answer the question of which party has the most informed voters.

In this clip, Glenn Beck talks about the methods and results of a poll to determine which party has the most informed voter.

As the time was limited only a small portions of the results were covered but the complete results of the poll can be found here.

How might this apply in the real world? I found another item about the Black Lives Matter movement. I find it interesting that the right was initially more supportive of the movement than the left was. Then at the vertical black line, the left became more supportive and the right less. It's not mentioned in the article but I suspect the change in support was about the time that the demonstration became violent or when it was revealed that BLM isn't there to support the black community but is instead there to push Marxism.
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