Author Topic: 2021 June 11, I Take Back My Apology to President Barack Obama  (Read 104 times)

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Obama was a puzzle to me. He was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis because his white grandfather felt it was important for Obama to have a black role model. Davis was a member of the American communist party and wrote a column called Frankly Speaking that was intended to encourage others to join the party. He was very unlikely to teach Obama the constitution was superior to his Marxist beliefs.

During an interview, Obama indicated that during his college years, instead of attending class, he would meet with other in the dorm and discuss Marxist ideas. That is the puzzle. Obama never discussed the American idea favorably but was ratter critical of it. To me it indicated that he was still a Marxist. So why was he a rather inactive president instead of taking an aggressive roll much like we are seeing with Biden?

This is a fairly short clip from the Glen Beck radio show that offers an interesting prospective on the question.

I Take Back My Apology to President Barack Obama
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Re: 2021 June 11, I Take Back My Apology to President Barack Obama
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Hi Dena and Visitors,               13 June 2021

Thank You for posting the information that is NOT being reported by the "Main Stream Media" or better known as the "Lame Stream Media" or LSM for short.

I'm not going to put my rant here and corrupt your thread as I do use offensive language that some may find objectionable, so I'll put it in my own thread:

"Where is The Government of The US Headed"

Take Care Folks.

Best Always, Love

Worrying Never Makes It Better.